Ask Funding

1. It covers the broad customer base and is open t

Ask Loan(问融)is a mobile loan service app, a platform for connecting loan consultants and loan-oriented, one-to-one services. Users are mainly divided into loan consultants and loan clients to create a one-to-one loan service platform. The Ask Loanplatform greatly reduces the risk of loans by introducing high-end, high-quality financial risk control projects from abroad and combining leading big data technologies. Provide more detailed and quality loan services to more groups!

APP features:

1. It covers the broad customer base and is open to all the people who have the need for borrowing, consumption and instalment payment.

2. Open a professional consultant to achieve one-to-one service. Let customers never have to wait, any need to run around.

3, one-clicktoloan, 3 minutesgetresponse, 5 minutes to receive money! The Ask Loan’sguarantee efficiency.

4. Buy a mobile phone Installment payment, one-second credit, receive money in one minute, and immediately take the iPhone 8.AskLoan App is a feature-rich mobile loan service app. The functions here are particularly rich, and online instalment loans are simple and straightforward. Don't miss it if you need it.