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Website Development Service in Myanmar

Searching for website development company in Myanmar?

EWhale Myanmar is one of the top web development companies in Myanmar offering professional web design and custom website development services that focus on your business objectives and goals.

We, EWhale Myanmar, would like to observe for a professional website with the latest website methods and technologies very attentively in order to convert your website visitors into leads. While your potential customers are trying to find your kind of business from their mobiles and tablets, the responsive, cutting-edge web design is of great importance to fully grasp every opportunity for enlarging your business.

We take your lack of understanding of modern technologies for granted. We are also aware that you don’t have time to concern about modern browsers, device compatibility, other technological advancements. A website which is characterized as robust, well-developed and free of error would trigger a positive message about your brand as well as good ranks on google search engines.

Our expert web development team has extensive knowledge of programming skills and years of experience in creating smart web design, custom web application, CMS web development, and E-commerce websites with high-level understanding of client requirements and providing them with the best modern technologies to make a brilliant move towards successful online business.

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CMS Web Development

We have skilled professionals and experts with comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in CMS website development services. The lists include but are not limited to CMS website designing, development, web application, responsive website designing, e-commerce website designing/ development and basically anything else that you can think of.

The Content Management System (CMS) is a set of related programs which manages and creates digital web contents. It has many functions which are easy to do contents such as creating, editing, organizing and publishing. Its most appreciable advantage is its permission for fully control on design and display without possessing the mere knowledge and skills. The excellent, remarkable CMS will reduce your workload to a certain extent. Since we are the result-oriented organization, be assured that we will also share you the most practical and profitable means to attract attention.

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CMS Web Development Service in Myanmar

Custom Web Development Service in Myanmar
Custom Web Development

Every website we develop represents the exceptional and high-quality. We do customized websites according to the clients and their requirements. We say 'NO' to templates, plug-ins and other similar designs, so rest assured that your kind of websites will never be found. Our sole purpose is to develop stable, reliable, user friendly and original websites.

Front-End Custom Development

Each and every thing your customers could see on your website exists on the front-end. Thus the front-end is somewhere we can showcase our services and skills to interact with your customers. As a result, front-end is of great significance to your business.

We have our own web designer team who are very skilled and well-versed in UI/UX. Our front-end designers are trained to interpret customer views and business logic as well as to give out the unique, first-class solutions. Our cutting-edge experiences in UI/UX will surely wow your targeted audience.

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Back-End Custom Programming

In the case of back-end development, there are complicated codes that's never seen or interacted with. In fact, those codes are the keys that are controlling everything behind the scene. Backend Development Services comprises databases, data processing functionality, content management systems, and other necessary components to keep the operations running. 90% of all the new websites require Backend Custom Development. Our Backend Development Services are not served only for developing servers, applications and databases. It is aimed to create a product which perform in a smooth manner, meet market needs, experience enjoyable UI/UX and earn your clients loyalty for life.

Have no doubt that if you appoint backend developers from EWhale, you will get the magnificent and satisfying outcomes as we have been keeping in touch with pioneer technologies and most recent trends in backend development.

We provide creative and best quality solutions of web development at affordable prices and guarantee the best practices implementation for all customer projects. We'll work with your team closely to understand your goals and provide solutions to match your requirements.

App Development Services Timeline

Early Communication
  • 1. Requesting research.
  • 2. Demand Confirmation.
  • 3. Program Design.
  • 4. Sign Contract.
Product Planning
  • 1. Product Design.
  • 2. Product Confirmation.
  • 3. UI Design.
  • 4. UI Confirming.
  • 1. System Design.
  • 2. Coding.
  • 3. Program Confirmation.
  • 4. Multi-platform Development.
Quality Inspection
  • 1. Bugs test.
  • 2. Five fold test.
  • 3. UX test.
  • 4. Logical test.
Acceptance & Delivery
  • 1. Final Confirmation.
  • 2. Pay the balance due.
  • 3. Deliver source codes.
  • 4. Launching App.
After sales services
  • 1. Send email.
  • 2. 7*24 phone services