Fish Box App always creates or finds new interesti

The reason why App is magical is that it has completely changed the mode and method of English teaching and interaction and redefined English textbooks based on mobile devices. The teacher just needs to open the app and start lecturing. Students can not only use the APP to do homework but also learning new things independently.Fish Box is an educational app for English classes in primary and secondary schools.

APP features:
Fish Box App always creates or finds new interesting videos for students to learn their new knowledge and skills.The learning performance of the students on Fish Box will be fed back to the teacher's Fish Box App. The teacher can sum up the students' learning situation and determine the difficulties and key points of the class contents, and thus improves the teaching efficiency.Creativity drives social progress, but only love can make the world a better place.I hope that the Box Fish will not only help you improve your English better, but also open up your mind and cultivate love and let everyone appreciates this world, which is full of contradictions but incomparably beautiful, from another angle.