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Charging pile nearby The user finds the location o

With the development of society, the development of electric vehicles, the development and application of new energy vehicles, the shared charging pile App has come to people's vision, and it is convenient and quick to share the charging experience in the city. Let all electric cars and new energy vehicles in any corner of the city charge, as long as the App can quickly find a place to charge. Through the layout of the rich charging piles under the line, each car has a positional charging, and it will not be unable to be charged because the charging position is full.

APP features:

Charging pile nearby The user finds the location of the nearby charging pile through the positioning of the nearby charging pile, and displays the charging pile that can be charged. The user can reach the charging post under the line based on location and navigation.

Scan code charging The user scans the two-dimensional code of the charging pile, and selects a suitable charging plug according to the charging voltage of the vehicle, power, and the like, and performs charging.

Charging information display The user's charging information is displayed on the App, including the voltage, current, power, etc. of the charging. There is also a time that is expected to be full.

Charging payment The charging charge of the shared charging pile is that the current public charging pile is generally about 1.5 yuan / kWh, and different areas may have different costs.

With the gradual popularization of new energy vehicles, especially the number of new energy electric vehicles is increasing day by day, the shared charging pile App can also promote the development of the automobile industry to a certain extent, and provide users with convenient vehicles on the charging. Whether it is for the user or for the society, it is a good sharing concept.