Medical Guest

1. Patient Management -Doctors can conduct long-te

The App is committed to changing the status quo of 2.7 million doctors, with online medical management as the core, providing leading medical information and a free medical literature library. Through the Medical Guest community, you can share and discuss clinical cases anytime and anywhere, and conveniently improve the doctor's work while creating a brand that belongs to the doctor.

APP features:

1. Patient Management -Doctors can conduct long-term follow-up visits to the xxx version of the real-name patient to help doctors manage patients conveniently and scientifically.

2. Online Learning -Provide free medical information, CME, conference live broadcast and the Chinese Medical Association literature database for free reading according to the doctor's profession to help doctors make new research reports.

3. Doctor Circle -Online academic conference interviews, case discussions, and a social circle between doctors.Based on 200 cooperative smart hospitals, the Medical Guest has created a complete online medical service ecosystem that connects doctors and patients.