Beary Chat

1. Powerful file transfer function, storage, previ

App is a real-time communication product for teams and enterprises. It quickly aggregates the information you care about to the platform through “third-party service integration”, “full-format file sharing” and “free customized team-bot”. And It help you quickly sort the information flow through the information "permanent preservation", "one-click collection", "global search", "real-time preview" to,thereby improving work efficiency.

APP features:

1. Powerful file transfer function, storage, preview, retrieval, etc., and support for multiple formats preview, such as commonly used Office-related formats, and formats thatuse in documentation.

2. Store chattinghistory and work information storage search summary, provide file export backup, etc., more advanced, one-click analysis function, near work summary.

3. Brain map, simple design artwork and other brainstorming functions.