Talent Circle

1, Real-time communication -users can post daily d

APP is a professional artist community social app that covers areas such as life, study, and work. Users can expand their circles through the full development of the APP and grow together in the chat.

APP features:

1, Real-time communication -users can post daily dynamics, art works (text, pictures, live video, etc.), personal experience and other information in the APP. Perform talent shows online to achieve self-worth.

2, Reading the news -I am the talent circle APP to collect all kinds of information (personal activities, official events, events, information, etc.) of the artist community every day, so that users can keep abreast of the news of the art first, close to the current affairs and hotspots of art .

3, talent circle -focus on serving artists' comprehensive platform, for artists to interpret the beauty of art, carving life surprises.

4. Artist Life-The initial focus of Talent Circle is the service group, and it develops a series of functions and services based on the needs of artists around “Life& Art”.