Laundry Lang

1. Washing and maintenance -Laundry Lang Smart lau

Laundry Lang (洗衣郎)understands customer needs and continues to improve Internet services. The caring and friendly customer service staff will patiently answer every question of the user and collect the opinions of the users to improve the washing service of the laundry team.

APP features:

1. Washing and maintenance -Laundry Lang Smart laundry, laundry, washing silk, washing down, washing shoes, washing curtains, washing carpets, etc., advanced laundry equipment can accurately remove stains and make clothes clean as ever. Xxx Double the leather clothing such as leather shoes and leather clothing, and let the clothes return to the original.

2. Convenient -1 click to request order, easy and fast; 2 hours arrive at your house to pick up clothes, shoes ; 3 days to return. The laundry process is traceable.

3. Cleansing -classification laundry, pre-washing inspection, dry cleaning, non-destructive drying, disinfection and ironing, 16 fine laundry procedures, 42 formulas clean and uniform, gentle care to make the laundry cleaner.

4. Health -Laundry lang is sterilized in the laundry process, and the whole process is in zero contact with the
ground to makethe laundry more healthy.

Laundry Lang set up a huge logistics team, able to respond to the call of users in a timely manner, and quickly come to the door. After the laundry care is completed, it will be quickly returned to the user's hands without delaying the user's valuable time. The professional laundry team uses imported laundry equipment, environmentally friendly detergents, and carefully considers every detail of the laundry, so that users can feel the care of the laundry.