1. Nearby Shops -Users can easily find nearby merc

With consumers as the core,  One-Pass(一点通)fully satisfies the high-end e-commerce platform for consumers to find experiences and service upgrades in finding nearby stores, decision-making, cashless payment, and after-sales services through digital collaboration. One-Pass focuses on providing high-end living services, including a variety of offline life services such as catering, entertainment, leisure, etc., covering a wide range of regional services, and connecting with neighbouring businesses for cooperation.

APP features:

1. Nearby Shops -Users can easily find nearby merchants and attractive discounts and save money.

2. Quick Search -GPS locates the location of the business and quickly finds the route.

3. Merchant’s profile -check albums, prices, discounts, at a glance.

4. My profile -Check your purchase history and account information at any time.

5. Comment feature -Find new friends, save money, share experiences together.

6. Sharing discounts -Share discounts with friends on Weibo and WeChat.

7. 7/24 customer service -ready to help you solve all the problems encountered in the consumption process.

The cooperated partners of One-Pass cover almost all the large businesses. If you want to find a merchant or discount product near you, you can quickly locate it by simply shaking the phone or saying the name of the merchant on the App.You can also enjoy the convenienceof mobile phone number checkout or one card for all partner merchants. This is the new feeling brought by one-stop service. You can also share discounts with friends on Weibo or WeChat and let them enjoy the wonderful One-Pass discount life with you.