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1, Monthly dress change, Pocket wardrobe, monthly

Yi Er San, a new way of dressing, a new way of life. A female fashion monthly rental APP, the main package monthly dressing service - membership system, only pay membership fees, enjoy unlimited service for members during the period, and choose 3 pieces each time. If tired of wearing those 3 pieces, you can immediately place new orders. It also provide unlimited number of times per month. Fun fashion, play style! .

APP features:

1, Monthly dress change, Pocket wardrobe, monthly subscription clothing matching. Buy three pieces at a time, and change them infinitely during the membership period. Go to work, party, vacation, travel, and always maintain the title of “fashionista”;

2, Big-name light and fashionable clothing, tens of thousands of beautiful clothes to pick, easy clothing-matching. Let the wardrobe become more fashionable, and send new beauties to the home every day;

3, save money and worry, throw away the wardrobe, members enjoy unlimited monthly wear, completely liberate your wardrobe, create your own perfect clothing mix;

4, As meticulous service is prioritized, it is trustworthy and every service is paid careful attention. Needless to say, all suits and dresses have a new look;

5, No worries to change clothing frequently, as it provides free shipping, free round-trip express delivery, exemption deposit and purchase monthly membership services without any deposit.

Yi Er San APP is currently on the line with more than 10,000 models of fashion. Professional fashion buyers carry out global selection, including foreign designer boutiques, domestic famous fashion brands, new seasonal styles and so on. You only need to spend the cost of buying a regular dress every month, you can enjoy the monthly service, enjoy a variety of styles, a variety of new fashions. Wear yourself differently every day.