Yo Yo Bang

1. Global good goods, explosive products are super

Friends help APP break the traditional shopping method, provides users with a new shopping model of AA, solves the monotony of online shopping life, increases the diversity and fun of online shopping, satisfies the user's curiosity, and makes their friend circles active. Get up and enjoy shopping while socializing.

APP features:

1. Global good goods, explosive products are super cost-effective, registration will send novice red envelopes!

2. Eat food for one yuan, buy iPhone for one fold, all are not dreams!

3. The real buyer world, it's about time for the little friends to come and chat while shopping!

Friends help APP quality zone:

1. Imported food: global snacks, carefully selected to meet your picky mouth;

2. Preferred goods: high quality and good price, only for those who understand life better;

3. Local tyrants: If the local tyrants know if they have a shot, come and be friends with me;

4. Limited time special: daily selection, limited time to buy, special offers.